Scott's Last Expedition

Scott's Last Expedition

Last year I started work on the most fascinating website of my career, Scott’s Last Expedition – a responsive website chronicling Robert Falcon Scott’s fateful journey to be the first man to reach the South Pole. Last week, it went live.

The client – the Antarctic Heritage Trust (along with the Canterbury Museum of New Zealand and the Natural History Museum of London) – had a clear goal: to take the content of their award-winning exhibition and transform it into it a website for posterity.

Scott's Last Expedition website

From the start of the project, I knew I wanted the website to feel like reading a good book. Scott’s story is so engrossing, and as story is king, it was essential to find a look and feel that would keep the reader invested, both aesthetically and emotionally. Imagery was also key, and with such historically significant photos, it was imperative to display them free from clutter or cropping.

As the project came to a close – and as I sat down for one final proofread – this really hit me:

Exhausted and suffering from frostbite, they knew they might not make it... Four weeks later Oates walked into a blizzard never to return... He sacrificed himself to give his comrades a chance to survive. Scott wrote, "He said, “I am just going outside and may be some time”… we have not seen him since.

This is a website I’m really proud of. It’s an amazing and touching story, one that I’m sure I daydreamed through at school, but as an adult, it’s really left a lasting impression on me.