Imagine being recast. Not in a play or movie, but in real life. This is the premise of Hybrid Motion Pictures’ self-funded feature film, JAKE – a wonderful piece of New Zealand speculative fiction that desperately needed a website.

Six years in the making, JAKE’s online presence had mostly existed in social media. But as their movie was being finished, and as a press kit was being assembled, they needed a website that better showcased their film.

JAKE website

With a limited budget for marketing, the website had to immediately tell a story. They already had a great poster – the leads silhouetted against a bright, textured background – so for consistency, the poster was recreated online, complete with the film’s strong tagline:

“Everyone plays a part. Who’s going to play yours?”

The intuitiveness of scrolling meant that the pageless design was simple to explore, and if a user wanted to share their experience with a friend on social media, everything was accessible from a single page.

I feel like there's some sort of simile to be made between filmmaking and web design - probably something to do with imagination and finding inspiration through obstructions - but for now, I hope you like the website.